Eco Briefs. Low Rise Underwear. Assorted Bamboo Blend fibres. Assorted Colours.

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Our most popular underwear style, the eco briefs are made of remnants from the rest of our production meaning it's unlikely there's more than two that are ever the same. We use mostly our bamboo blend jersey but not exclusively. We also use cotton, organic cotton, rayon/spandex, nylon, bamboo/cotton, hemp or occasionally something else. 

Since each pair is unique, they sell out so quickly and we are strapped for manpower at the best of times we only offer them by surprise online. This means you don't know which pair you will get. It will be the same style as the ones in the photographs but it won't be the same fabric or colors as I am sure all those pairs sold out a long long time ago. 

If there are any colors you adore, fabrics you are sensitive too or patterns you truly can't stand just let us know when you order and we will add or avoid those as best we can but we can't be totally specific. 

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