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Ask any witch about doing love spells on someone and they will most often advise against it, however love spells/potions for yourself is another story.

The word 'anoint' derives from the old French word, enoindre. It means: “to smear on". Cultures around the world have incorporated anointing in both religious and secular settings for thousands of years.

This Love Spell Anointment Oil is made to assist your spell, ritual or daily self-care routine; to adorn your senses and spirit with love and compassion. Casting a love spell for yourself opens your energy to attract healthy love, self-worth, and joy into your life.

Made with organic herbal allies/ingredients:
- Rosehips
- Sandlewood
- Lemon balm
- Calendula
- Sage
- Rosemary
- Peppermint
- Sunflower oil

Apply a drop to the wrists, temples, neck, feet, hands, heart or anywhere externally that needs some love. Can also be used on candles, talismans, mojo/dream bags, and amulets to add an extra boost of loving energy to your intention.

This 30ml red tinted glass bottle with dropper holds approximately 900 drops.

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