Protection Spell Anointment Oil 30 ml, Jessie's Potions

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Through the ages, anointing was both a masculine and feminine art. Using a variety of substances, the practice of anointment continues to be part of a diverse range of cultures. While there are many reasons one may anoint, the common purpose leads to make one Divine.

This Protection Spell Anointment Oil is made to use when one is feeling like they need an extra ally to help protect from negative energies, unwanted chaos, to rid what is no longer needed and to ward off harm. Whether used in ritual or throughout the day, anointing can be a powerful addition to help initiate a self-protection spell.

Made with organic herbal allies/ingredients:
- Red Cedar
- Bay laurel
- Garden Sage
- Peppermint
- Rosemary seed
- Sunflower Oil

These herbal allies are associated with cleansing and protecting as they hold medicinal and energetic properties that have helped heal and protect humans for thousands of years.

To use for anointing purposes, apply a drop to wrists, back of the neck and/or centre of the chest or on a candle, talisman or amulet.

This 30ml black tinted glass bottle with dropper is approximately 900 drops.

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