Yoogan Anti-Fog Spray

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If you wear glasses and have trouble with them fogging up try this anti-fog spray. Created for scuba divers, it works on glasses in all occasions such as wearing a fabric mask, rainy or misty days, or any other circumstance you need to see and not fog up. Also great for scuba diving.


Easy To Use: This product adopts curing technology and is convenient for transportation. Please add 15ML (about 70%) of purified water into the bottle before use, and shake well before use. This product is delivered dry and will not work unless you add water. Warning: Do not through out the foam in the bottle. The foam contains the substance. 

Effectively Anti-fogging: Spray anti-fogging agent once on the inner side of the lens, wipe off excess foam lightly, and let the liquid dry naturally.

Wide Application: Suitable for swimming goggles, diving goggles, camera lens, glass mirror, etc.

Notes: If the anti-fog agent strays into eyes during use, please stop using it, wash it with plenty of clear water, and see a doctor immediately.

Storage Tips: Do not place it in direct sunlight or high temperature, and do not place it in a place that infants can touch.

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