Customer support

For customer support please contact Devil May Wear at 604-216-2515 or email us at [email protected] . We may be busy working in our stores and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

1.1 Who makes everything?

Nearly everything in the store and online is hand made in Vancouver by our owner and designer, Stephanie Ostler with a lot of the finishing work such as clipping threads and tagging done by our staff in the store.


We do carry a few products such as Silver Jeans that aren't made in Vancouver by us and we do our best to identify them as such. Items made by other companies account for less than 5% off our total stock.

1.2 Can I exchange earrings or underwear?

Sorry for hygienic reasons earrings, socks, thigh highs and underwear bottoms such as panties are always final sale. Even if you promise they have never been worn we can't guarantee they haven't and thus we can't resell them so they are final sale. I am afraid we are firm on this.

We ask that you try underwear on in our retail shop (over yours) for sizing or hold earrings up. Unfortunately you can't try on socks or thigh highs. If you can't come in and try them on please message us and we can dialog about what would work best for you to the best of our abilities. If you are still unsure about sizing I recommend looking for another brand of socks, earrings or underwear that are local to you that you can try in person before ordering online.

Bralettes do not have the same hygiene concerns and are exchangeable. 

1.3 Why is everything labled hand wash?

We are striving to be as sustainable as possible. We believe in the longevity of your garments as well as minimizing co2 emissions from your wardrobe. Not to mention all our items are hand made and feel like our art. So we have chosen to recommend hand washing of all our garments all the time. For many of them you can machine wash and dry and they will be ok but I want you to consider the impact to the planet every time you make this choice (I know it sounds so trivial but it really adds up). If you choose to machine wash (frankly any of your wardrobe, not just our items) here are a few tips:

-Consider alternatives such as airing out your garments, a little sun exposure, freezing or spot washing rather than over washing.

-Wash in cold water. It saves energy.

-Wash delicates such as underwear and bras in laundry bags or a pillow case if you really can't get ahold of a laundry bag. There are companies that make and sell laundry bags in stores and online. We don't recommend a specific brand.

-Turn all your clothing inside out.

-Do up all fasteners such as zippers, buttons, clasps, bra hooks et. 

-Check your detergent for scent free, eco friendly ingredients.

-Sort colors. It really does help.

-Hang dry whenever possible. I can't emphasize this enough. Dryers are slow murder to your clothing.


And never ever ever ever machine wash hand knits or knit garments such as sweaters, touques, scarves, gloves or other similar items. Never ever machine wash lace. You're just asking for trouble. 


Please be considerate when washing your clothing and if you have further questions email us a photo of the garment and your question at [email protected]