About us

Devil May Wear is a slow fashion bespoke clothing, lingerie and accessory company. Making our items by hand in our Vancouver studio we endeavour to share our philosophy that slow fashion and ethical apparel more fun! Visit us in person at our brick and mortar boutique on Granville Island in the heart of Vancouver, shop with us online or find us in one of the boutiques that carry our items elsewhere. Est 2003 by Stephanie Ostler, we strive to make luxurious items that don’t sacrifice fashion, fit or ethics to bring you a beautiful product you can love for a long time.
The Details

Slow fashion locally made is our number one priority and so we cut and sew most of our products in our Main Street studio near Science World in downtown Vancouver. The rest is made by our front line staff in one of our shop is located in The Net Loft in Granville Island (Vancouver). Our fabrics currently come from around the world but we always choose as local as possible when possible. Unfortunately it is not always an option so we will follow it with what is the best for your body and your lifestyle where ever it is from. We also believe that by controlling all of our production we can insure the best quality we are capable of and good local jobs that contribute to our local economy. Note we are hand made and discrepancies between products is due to small runs and hands on techniques. We do not view small discrepancies as flaws in anyway, rather they are part of what makes each item entirely unique.

In close second is sustainability. Devil May Wear believes that if you buy what you love in the first place, shop for quality and shop for beauty and you take care of your items you are shopping sustainably, but we can’t deny, most of the modern eco fibers are just all around better! We find that blends work better in combinations lending the garment the properties of the fibers blended in so our dominant fiber is a bamboo jersey made from 64% rayon from bamboo, 28% cotton and 8% spandex. We also use cotton, linen, hemp, alpaca, merino, silk, ramie, tencil, viscose from bamboo, organics, deadstock and every once in a while exceptional synthetics such as acrylic. Though rare we do include these when they are special. Please note our elastics and laces are synthetic. It is a matter of necessity that they are synthetic but we look forward to upcoming textile methods perhaps making natural elastics an option.
(We do carry a small quantity of items that are not made by Devil May Wear and may not be as local or sustainable. Product descriptions reflect this online.)
Our size range focus on a 4-14 though we venture outside of that range often.
We also offer free minor alterations on our products because we are all unique and we deserve to have clothing that fits our natural curves. We only do alterations for in person shopping (not online orders) because it is important to us we get it right. We also can’t guarantee turnaround times. Though an alteration usually takes a week it really depends on the alteration. If we are available and it is simple we might do it faster and some alterations require special tools, supplies or special attention. It is important to us alterations are not rushed.
Please get in touch with any questions or come in to any of our locations for a friendly, personalized experience. We look forward to dressing you!
xoxo Devil May Wear
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