Celebdil Mountain Necklace. Polished clear Quartz. Gold Plated Chain. 23"

Article number: A1H-0193-clear/gold
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With raw clear quartz the Celebdil Mountain Necklace is about as dainty as this rustic crystal gets. Hung with multiple pieces of the quartz in a row it gives the look of a glassy castle or hanging icicles. Add it to either your Ice Queen out fit or your pure Snow White, either way this organic stone will add a little more character, a final touch.

The colored Celebdil Mountain Necklace is like spikes of an aurora in the night sky. The tendrils of color catching the light on the natural crystal. Enhance your mountain woman or hippie to hipster outfit for an aura of mystery.

Each necklace is one of a kind so please don't expect the exact one you see in the photo. Each piece of crystal is unique though we match them for shape and size to coordinate.

The chain is plated Gold or Silver and is 23” long.

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