Cora Ball

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Did you know when you wash your synthetic clothing it sheds micro plastics into the water ways that end up being ingested by fish eventually ending up in our bodies through the food chain. 


The full impact of these micro plastics is still unknown but thanks to Cora Ball there is something you can do to stop it!


The Cora Ball was created to capture the micro plastics that are shed in your washing machine during your washing cycle rather than let them exit down the drain. As your Cora Ball picks up fibers it becomes more efficient meaning you don't even have to think about it.



I've been using my Cora Ball for a while and I am amazed to see what comes off my clothing. Other than checking out of curiosity I just leave it in my machine and forget about it.


One warning when using the Cora Ball: Don't use it on your delicates, lace, lingerie or anything with thin straps. There is potential for the straps to get caught in the Cora Balls arms and snag.

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